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The SleepCo Sheets

SleepCo’s organic cotton bed sheets are made from extra-long staple fibers, woven into a dense percale pattern. The sheets are designed with durability in mind, as they remain smooth, spanning many moons of SleepConsumption.
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1 Year Warranty on the SleepCo Sheets. Best Warranty in the Bedding industry.

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Luxurious! Breathable! The only problem you will have is the insatiable desire to get lost in your dreamzZ. No counting sheets, err – Sheeps required.


SleepCo’s bed sheets are made from organic cotton. By far, the best part about cotton is that it has moisture-wicking properties that are superior to those of other fabrics, like silk. This is why, cotton sheets are the best choice when it comes to humid temperatures, as they prevent dampness from occurring inside the bed. Cotton is also a soft material that allows for good airflow, making a bed space that is void of excess heat, meanwhile is cozy.


The Weave That Withstands

The Weave That Withstands

The percale weave has been used for hundreds of years for its durability, which is why we chose it for our sheets. SleepCo’s version of percale is ultra smooth, attributed to extra-long staple fibers that fully overlap in a crisscross pattern. Considering the density of this pattern, these sheets can withstand a lot of wear and tear, softening without fraying over time. We chose percale over other patterns, like sateen because it is breathable, allowing excess heat to escape, which maintains comfort for the duration of the night.

The Thread Count that Feels So Nice

The higher the thread count the more luxurious, err – Not always! SleepCo meticulously tested a variety of thread counts (TC) for smoothness and breathability, and found that the most comfortable TC, in practice, is 200. We scratched our heads a bit, thinking how can a relatively low thread count actually feel better and what we came up with is that because we had a dense percale pattern, secured by extra long staple fibers, greater room was need for airflow. Fewer threads per square inch, as in a lower TC than what is typically considered ‘luxurious’, provides the air space needed to make the sheets feel breathable. Thanks to our ideal SleepCount, we present you with a crisp sheet that breathes!

The Thread Count that Feels So Nice

30 Nights, Risk-Free Trial Love it or Leave it

We understand that it takes time to fall completely in love, which is why we offer 30 nights of alone time with your SleepCo sheets... If you’re not head over heels, we will take the product back and issue a full refund.

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