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The Sleepco Pillow

SleepCo’s Pillow is made from Recyclable Polyester and Organic Cotton. The polyester filling cushions the head, while supporting the neck. The cotton shell is breathable and moisture-wicking. It's a comfy SleepCloud for your head.
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Free Returns

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1 Year Warranty on the SleepCo Pillow

Unbeatable Warranty

1 Year Warranty on the SleepCo Pillow. Best Warranty in the Bedding industry.

30 Nights Risk-Free Trial on the SleepCo Pillow

30 Nights Trial

Try our Pillow Risk-Free for 30 Nights. Love it or leave it!

Pure Recycled Polyester

Our pillows are made with 100% recycled polyester insert saving tons of non-biodegradable polyester from ending up in landfills each year. The durable polyester fibers maintain great form when recycled and are also incredibly washer-friendly. These SleepClouds are tightly packed with bountiful insert, supportive of the neck when on ones back and side, meanwhile compactable enough to sink into a stomach slumber. Best of all, the insert reacquires shape with ease.

Comfy Cotton Shell

SleepCo’s pillow shell is woven into a percale pattern made from organic cotton fibers. If you’re thinking about any old cotton fibers - Think again! This fabric is woven from extra-long staple fibers, which prevents pilling and fraying, as these fibers become fully overlapped in a crisscross pattern. The shell weighs in at a modest 400 thread count, which is ideal for seeping excess heat from the polyester insert, meanwhile dense enough so that the fabric still feels smooth. As soon as you lay your head down you will be dreaming in SleepCotton!

Comfy Cotton Shell

It Feels Amazing To Recycle And Redeem Polyester Pillows

SleepCo’s polyester pillows are recycled because we take the environment to heart. A polyester pillow’s lifespan does not last much beyond two years, as they turn from SleepClouds to clumpy lumps. Polyester fibers, on the other hand, are fit to last up to twenty years before they break down and biodegrade. In order to accommodate the discrepancy between pillow lifespan and polyester lifespan, we simply recycle the polyester to make new pillows! We will even do a one-time exchange for every polyester pillow you buy, giving you a new one in return for your old one. You can always send us your old polyester pillows to be recycled. Calling yourself a SleepConservationist has never been so easy.

Environment & Animal-Friendly

30 Nights, Risk-Free Trial Love it or Leave it

We understand that it takes time to fall completely in love, which is why we offer 30 nights of alone time with your SleepCo pillow... If you’re not head over heels, we will take the product back and issue a full refund.

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