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Our Story

The SleepCo founder, Samuel Eriksson, describes how he got into the business of helping people sleep...

I’ve always been open to cultural diversity, as I was born and raised in the hustle and bustle of New York City. As a young adult, I rarely hesitated to engage in conversation with others and if I ever felt that I was about to react to someone with judgment, I could thank my frontal lobes for peering beyond superficial differences, oftentimes revealing kind people. My openness to social encounters enabled me to start traveling freely, as I could always find someone to lend me a helping hand, as well as people to do fun things with.

Upon returning home from my first ever trip, I went to lunch at my grandma’s whose meals were always the same – A big sausage with mustard, chicken noodle soup, and a salad with French dressing. In the midst of talking with her about my recent adventures, she brought up concern over my dusky appearance... I explained that I had slept in all sorts of unusual places, including frumpy basement couches and creaky bunk beds, and that despite having reacquired my own bed I was still finding it hard to wind down at the end of the day. She then advised me to put lavender flowers in my room and scented drops under my pillow, saying that it would improve my sleep. As I am never one to back down from a country remedy, I followed her instructions and low and behold, I began sleeping much better, so much so that in mere weeks I had fully recovered from hours of lost winks.

I proudly told my grandma that her trick worked so well that I would be ready to travel again soon. On this next trip, I tuned in to the way that others slept on a regular basis, noticing those who had inferior bedding to my own, meanwhile confirming with them that they could never get into a comfortable enough position for a deep slumber. Finding out that others struggled with sleep, based on their lack of good quality bedding really moved me, as I had been so greatly affected by sleep in my own life. Suddenly, I knew the difference I wanted to make in the world...SleepCo Founder

I got into the mattress industry to sell more than a product – I wanted to give people the same spark that I felt. I concluded that the epicenter to energy and creativity was a good sleep, which could be achieved with a calming before bed atmosphere and good quality bedding. When SleepCo was founded, we decided to infuse a lavender aroma to all of the products, in order to deliver a relaxed state of mind, meanwhile we used a high quality set of materials and an expert design to make unparalleled bedding products.

Our Mission

Here at SleepCo, we’ve engaged in countless hours of around the clock testing using powerful technology and quality materials in order to upgrade sleep. Our mission, to get everyone the supplies needed to experience greater rejuvenation in the wake of each day, is not complete without simultaneously improving the health of our planet. We spend a little extra on materials that are environmentally-friendly, in order to contribute to a more sustainable future because in essence, we are the vegans of the mattress industry.

Our Vision

SleepCo’s vision is to pave the path to healing, health, and happiness for as many people as possible. We are determined to live up to our vision, which is why we have incorporated an outflow of donations to help those in need. It’s simple, for every ten mattresses sold one is donated. We look forward to the day that everyone is able to sleep soundly, however we are happy to SleepConquer one dream at a time.

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