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The SleepCo Mattress Protector

SleepCo’s mattress protector features organic cotton jersey sheet, which feels much like your coziest tee! The cotton sheets are stacked in such a way that provides enhanced moisture wicking, in addition to a contoured surface, softening the underlying mattress feel. This protector is casual yet timeless, as it becomes stretchier and softer when worn in, all the while, remaining comfortable.
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1 Year Warranty on the SleepCo Mattress Protector

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1 Year Warranty on the SleepCo Mattress Protector. Best Warranty in the Bedding industry.

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30 Nights Trial

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Superior Design

SleepCo’s jersey sheet fabric was chosen for its tried and true feel, comparable to the tees we slip into on the weekend when we want to relax. Our protector is constructed with jersey sheet layers, which provide a subtle softness that contours to the mattress below. The greatest aspect of the cotton sheet layers is that they increase moisture wicking more so than a single sheet could do on its own, which keeps the bed dry. Airspace within the sheet stacks trap just enough heat to feel warm when it’s very cold, meanwhile cotton fabric accommodates enough airflow to release excess heat, all of which moderates sleeping temperature. The Wprotector’s ability to acclimate to the ideal sleeping conditions, regardless of external temperatures is why it is a good year ‘round choice. Best of all, the protector keeps the mattress safe from stains, so effectively, that virtually no spills can beat its absorptive capabilities.

30 Nights, Risk-Free Trial Love it or Leave it

We understand that it takes time to fall completely in love, which is why we offer 30 nights of alone time with your SleepCo mattress protector... If you’re not head over heels, we will take the product back and issue a full refund.

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