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7 Ways To Wake Up Feeling Comfortable In Your Beautiful Skin

February 12, 2018

Make a beauty routine and stick with it each night. Even if all you want to do is doze off, get in the habit of good skin care, it’s just like brushing your teeth. Here are 7 easy things you can do today to wake up with more beautiful skin tomorrow…

7) Sleep On Your Back And Side

Sleeping on the face can actually cause wrinkles – Sorry stomach sleepers! The effect is so profound that dermatologists can often tell what side of the face a person sleeps on.

6) Elevate Your Head

Use a pillow – Duh! This helps blood flow more easily so that the lymphatic system can effectively carry nutrients throughout the body.

5) Eat A High Protein Diet

To wake up with defined cheekbones, eat a diet that contains a lot of protein throughout the day – Think beans, seeds, and broccoli.

4) Remove Makeup

Use light oil, like olive oil, to remove makeup. Not only will your skin be clear, olive oil has emollient properties that soothes and hydrates the skin.

3) Face Mask

Apply a face mask. When we sleep our skin is most susceptible to toxins and pore clogging oils. A green clay face mask, for example, can absorb impurities and heavy metals, so that the skin doesn’t have to.

2) Night Time Oil

Apply a drop of essential oil, like lavender, to about a teaspoon of olive oil and then apply it to your face. Your skin will be the most receptive to this night time oil’s nutrients when you sleep because of an increased blood flow to pores.

1) Beauty Sleep

The number one trick to good skin, which stands the test of time, is sleep. During an 8-hour slumber, growth hormone repairs damaged skin cells and water moisture is recovered. Set aside adequate Zz’s time to wake up looking youthful every single morning.

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