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34 random things that are almost as good as waking up from a solid nap

July 07, 2018

Ever woken up from a really good nap… Like the kind that left drool on your pillow? Well, here’s a list of random things that feel almost as good...

1) Finding money in your pocket, bag, car, or anywhere really

2) Pulling up to the bananas at the supermarket and they’re ready to eat

3) Cruising along the highway to an epic song

4) Your whites come out of the wash looking like snow clouds

5) Seeing your tan in pictures

6) Realizing that it’s the long weekend

7) Running into your ex, yet you’re standing beside someone cuter

8) Your plant grows a new leaf

9) Getting the parking spot closest to the entrance

10) You cat’s in a trance-like state massaging your back

11) Arriving home at the same time as your Amazon package

12) Driving on a full tank of gas

13) Drinking water after an intense cardio

14) Jumping into bed after a busy day

15) Finding a perfectly clean public washroom

16) Warming up to a fire when you’re cold

17) Laughing so hard you cry

18) ‘Effortlessly’ catching the random item tossed your way

19) Not stepping in something gross

20) Someone offers you water – with lemon

21) Walking on sand

22) Spotting a happy dog

23) What you’re craving is in the fridge

24) A new line suddenly opens up and you no longer have to wait

25) There’s a cool breeze on a hot day

26) You don’t look like a serial killer in your passport photo

27) Putting on a super comfy sweater

28) Being outside at night after it’s rained and the street lights are glowing

29) Everyone else is carrying the bags

30) Running into a good friend in another country

31) Your hot chocolate finally cooled down enough to drink

32) The internet is fast

33) Your favorite table at the café is free

34) You find your keys

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