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  1. 34 random things that are almost as good as waking up from a solid nap

    Ever woken up from a really good nap… Like the kind that left drool on your pillow? Well, here’s a list of random things that feel almost as good... 1) Finding money in your pocket, bag, car, or anywhere really 2) Pulling up to the bananas at the supermarket and they’re ready to eat 3) Cruising along the highway to an epic song 4) Your whites come out of the wash looking like snow clouds 5) Seeing your tan in pictures 6) Realizing that it’s the long weekend 7) Running into your ex, yet you’re standing beside someone cuter 8) Your plant grows a new leaf 9... Read more
  2. 3 vitamins that can help with Sleep

    Poor sleep can ruin anyone’s day. There are so many little things that go into getting a good night’s sleep however overall good health is fundamental. Yet, whenever someone has a bad night’s sleep, it can deteriorate health, which then worsens sleep. So, it’s important to break the cycle. Normally, people turn to medications, yet natural supplements are becoming popular. Here are three that can help… 3. Valerian If you have trouble falling asleep, taking valerian could be the best medicine. Apparently, it improves sleep, since it has a calming effect on the central nervous system... Read more
  3. Have you heard of sleep walking murderers?

    Most people have heard of sleep walking. Apparently it’s common among children however no one really knows why it happens. Some research suggests that during deep sleep, when there’s almost no brain activity, the body can mysteriously become aroused. However, that’s just one out of many theories for sleep walking. It’s been linked to seizures and other brain disorders, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and is purported to occur during times of stress. Sleep walking is generally harmless however sometimes it can accompany scary behaviors. That includes killin... Read more
  4. Top 25 quotes about dreams

    Everyone needs to hear a good quote from time to time. Well-phrased logic reminds us to push ahead, even if we’ve fallen off track. Here’s a bunch of inspirational quotes about dreaming... 1) “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” –J.K. Rowling Live ‘em. 2) “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic – It takes sweat, hard work, and determination” –Colin Powell Work your magic, people. 3) “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up” –Paul Valery An alarm always helps. ... Read more
  5. Try Out These 17 Ways To Get Active And Have The Best Sleep Ever

    Exercise improves health, since it promotes blood flow and oxygen supply, which helps the body to process nutrients and bacteria. The problem is that some of us don’t like exercise. Maybe to the point that, we’d rather wake up early for a week, over lifting a one-pound weight. If this applies to you, don’t worry. There are plenty of unconventional ways to exercise. Here’s 17… 1. Play guitar. Research shows that, regular guitar sessions, lowers blood pressure and heart rate. This benefits sleep, in a similar way as exercise. 2. What’s better than guitar? D... Read more
  6. The 17 Most Incredible Reasons To Stay Up Late

    1) Watch The Sunset You won’t need to stay up overly late to watch this happen, so don’t worry. There is nothing quite like a beautiful sunset on a warm summer’s night. You can catch it from just about everywhere. However, where you are can enhance its effects, like overlooking the horizon from the shore or a mountain top. For mere minutes, it can make you feel awe, giving you a special appreciation for the world. 2) Look At The City Scape The most special thing about living in a city is that you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the dazzling city lights at night. There are... Read more
  7. This is what happens to sleep as we get older

    Before looking at what happens to sleep as we get older, you’ll need a general idea about how sleep works. On an average night, we go through five sleep cycles and it takes 90 minutes to complete each. A cycle consists of the following four stages… Sleep Stages 1. Everyone spends the least amount of time in the 1st stage. It’s a transitional stage, between being awake and asleep. It’s such a light ‘sleep’ stage that if woken up, one is likely to report having been awake the entire time. 2. Nearly 50% of sleep is spent in the 2nd stage, which is when the ... Read more
  8. How To Feel The Best The Day After A Bad Sleep

    Occasionally, everyone has sleepless nights. Whenever this happens, the next day can feel like an insurmountable task. What’s worse is that lack of sleep can cause weight gain, reduce heart health, facilitate the build-up of toxins in the brain, and increase the risk of dementia. However, the last thing that anyone needs to hear after a bad night of sleep is a Negative Nancy, telling them all of the things that can go wrong. So, here are 17 ways to perk up and still have the best day ever. 1. Are you reading this and it’s still the morning? ASAP, go outside. Direct sunlight, early... Read more
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